Basler S-mount Lens

Accessories from Basler have been thoroughly tested to work with our camera range, so you get the optimal performance you expect from your solution.

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BASLER LENSMaximum Image CircleMountFocal LengthIris RangeIrisMin. Object DistanceIR-Cut Filter
M13B02118IRR11/3″S-Mount2.1 mmF1.8Fixed Iris100 mmNo
M13B02118W1/3″S-Mount2.1 mmF1.8Fixed Iris100 mmYes
M13B02820IR1/3″S-Mount2.8 mmF2.0Fixed Iris100 mmNo
M13B02820W1/3″S-Mount2.8 mmF2.0Fixed Iris100 mm Yes
M13B03618IR1/3″S-Mount3.6 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm No
M13B03618W1/3″S-Mount3.6 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm Yes
M13B04218IR1/3″S-Mount4.2 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm No
M13B04218WR11/3″S-Mount4.2 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm Yes
M13B0618IR1/3″S-Mount6.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm No
M13B0618WR11/3″S-Mount6.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm Yes
M13B0818IR1/3″S-Mount8.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm No
M13B0818WR11/3″S-Mount8.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm Yes
M13B1218IR1/3″S-Mount12.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm No
M13B1218WR11/3″S-Mount12.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm Yes
M13B1618IR1/3″S-Mount16.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm No
M13B1618WR11/3″S-Mount16.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm Yes
M12B0416IR1/2″S-Mount4.0 mmF1.6Fixed Iris200 mm No
M12B0416W1/2″S-Mount4.0 mmF1.6Fixed Iris200 mm Yes
M12B0616IR1/2″S-Mount6.0 mmF1.6Fixed Iris200 mm No
M12B0616W1/2″S-Mount6.0 mmF1.6Fixed Iris200 mm Yes
M12B0816IR1/2″S-Mount8.0 mmF1.6Fixed Iris200 mm No
M12B0816W1/2″S-Mount8.0 mmF1.6Fixed Iris200 mm Yes
M12B1216IR1/2″S-Mount12.0 mmF1.6Fixed Iris200 mm No
M12B1216W1/2″S-Mount12.0 mmF1.6Fixed Iris200 mm Yes
M12B1616IR1/2″S-Mount16.0 mmF1.6Fixed Iris200 mm No
M12B1616W1/2″S-Mount16.0 mmF1.6Fixed Iris200 mm Yes
M12B1618IRM1/2″S-Mount16.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris350 mm No
M12B1618WM1/2″S-Mount16.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris350 mm Yes
M12B2524IRM1/2″S-Mount25.0 mmF2.4Fixed Iris400 mm No
M12B2524WM1/2″S-Mount25.0 mmF2.4Fixed Iris400 mm Yes
M12B3525IRM1/2″S-Mount35.0 mmF2.5Fixed Iris400 mm No
M12B3525WM1/2″S-Mount35.0 mmF2.5Fixed Iris400 mm Yes
M12B5025IRM1/2″S-Mount50.0 mmF2.5Fixed Iris500 mm No
M12B5025WM1/2″S-Mount50.0 mmF2.5Fixed Iris500 mm Yes
M118B029520IR1/1.8″S-Mount– mmF2.0Fixed Iris150 mm No
M118B029520W1/1.8″S-Mount– mmF2.0Fixed Iris150 mm Yes
M118B0418IR1/1.8″S-Mount4.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm No
M118B0418W1/1.8″S-Mount4.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm Yes
N118B05518IR1/1.8″S-Mount5.5 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm No
N118B05518W1/1.8″S-Mount5.5 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm Yes
N118B0818IRM1/1.8″S-Mount8.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm No
N118B0818WM1/1.8″S-Mount8.0 mmF1.8Fixed Iris200 mm Yes