Basler scout

The wide selection of scout models ensures that you will quickly find the right camera for your application. This family is based on a selection of the best Sony CCD sensors, offers a wide variety of resolutions and speeds, and produces outstanding image quality. We also offer models with a high performance CMOS sensor by Aptina.

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Highlights at a glance:

  • Resolutions from VGA to 2 MP
  • Max. capture rate of 120 fps
  • Standardized GigE and FireWire-b interface
  • Available with a C-mount lens adapter
  • Small, rugged housing for easy integration
  • Fully quality tested and calibrated for consistently high performance and reliability
    Camera modelResolution
    (H x V pixels)
    widthSensorFrame RateMono/ColorInterface
    scA640-70gc658 x 492492ICX42470 fpsColorREAD MORE
    scA640-74gc658 x 492492ICX41479 fpsColorREAD MORE
    scA640-120gc658 x 492492ICX618122 fpsColorREAD MORE
    scA640-70gm659 x 494494ICX42470 fpsMonoREAD MORE
    scA750-60gc750 x 480480MT9V02264 fpsColorREAD MORE
    scA750-60gm752 x 480480MT9V02264 fpsMonoREAD MORE
    scA1300-32gc1294 x 964964ICX44532 fpsColorREAD MORE
    scA1300-32gm1296 x 966966ICX44532 fpsMonoREAD MORE
    scA1400-17gm1392 x 10401040ICX28517 fpsMonoREAD MORE
    scA1400-30gm1392 x 10401040ICX28530 fpsMonoREAD MORE
    scA1600-14gc1624 x 12341234ICX27414 fpsColorREAD MORE
    scA1600-28gc1624 x 12341234ICX27428 fpsColorREAD MORE
    scA1600-14gm1626 x 12361236ICX27414 fpsMonoREAD MORE
    scA1600-28gm1626 x 12361236ICX27428 fpsMonoREAD MORE

    This product has been discontinued by Basler. Please contact our sales team for recommendations.

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