Chromasens chromaPIXA – 5k

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The new Chromasens chromaPIXA line scan camera enables stable inline color measurement in a wide variety of extended color spaces, greatly simplifying downstream color processing. The chromaPIXA’s output in CIE-L*a*b* format allows for the determination of color differences in respect to the perception of the human eye. The chromaPIXA is calibrated by using the intuitive chromaCalc software and is compatible with all standard color charts.

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Model NumberchromaPIXA – 5k
SeriesChromasens chromaPIXA
Sensor Trilinear CCD color line scan sensor
Actual Pixel Size10 μm x 10 μm
Maximum Line Rate5120 x 3 Pixel with up to 40.9 kHz
Data Format3 x 8/10 bit color with internal 3 x 14 Bit A/D converter
Video-OutputCamera Link @ 85MHz Full (80/64 Bit), Medium, Base
Trigger ModeFree run / external trigger
Line trigger, Frame trigger
InterfacesCamera Link Full, Medium, Base
Power supply (Hirose)
External I/O (15pin DSub)
SoftwarechromaCalc software generate calibration data
to calculate color output
Lens MountsF-Mount, C-Mount, M39x1/26″, M42x1, M72x0.75


Chromasens chromaPIXA – 5k

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