Computar SWIR Lenses

Don’t let the lens be the weak link in your MV system. Choosing a great lens tailored to your system’s needs can be daunting, but that what Computar is here for.

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When setting up your automated vision system, the lens may be one of the last components you choose. Once your system is up and running, however, your data flows from the lens first. That makes lens choice one of the most impactful decisions that affect how well your vision system works for you.

The concern here is image resolution. A higher resolution lens gives you greater specificity in designing and implementing the most efficient vision solutions.

Highlights at a glance:

  • Designed for SWIR (800-1700nm) range
  • Compact & Light weight
  • Low F-stop
  • Covers 640 x 512, 15µm Sensor
Lens Model Focal Length (MM) Max. Aperture Ratio Max. Image Circle Mount
M1614-SW 16 1:1.4 φ12.3mm C READ MORE
M2514-SW 25 1:1.4 φ12.3mm C READ MORE
M3514-SW 35 1:1.4 φ12.3mm C READ MORE
M5018-SW 50 1:1.8 φ12.3mm C READ MORE