Computar Telecentric 1″ Lens

A telecentric lens providing low distortion, wide depth of field and is suitable for use as a telephoto or macro lens. The lens is C mount only with manual iris.

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Highlights at a glance: 

  • Compatible with 5MP sensors on 1″ cameras
  • Versatile four-lens lineup designed for 65mm and 110mm WD (working distance)
  • 0.5x and 1.0x magnification options available
  • Low TV distortion correction up to the furthest corner (0.01 ~ 0.02s%)
Lens Model Magnification Working Distance, WD (MM) Distortion(%) Mount
TEC-V0565MPW 0.5x 65.2 -0.014 C READ MORE
TEC-V1065MPW 1.0x 65.2 -0.023 C READ MORE
TEC-V05110MPW 0.5x 110.2 0.012 C READ MORE
TEC-V10110MPW 1.0x 110.2 0.0015 C READ MORE