Computar VL5024U-MPZ


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LensConnect Series of motorized lenses, engineered to enable power supply and control through USB. This innovative Plug and Play lens series allows remote adjustment of the zoom*, focus, or iris and comes with a simple set-up software compatible with Windows or Linux (*zoom adjustment for varifocal models only). In addition, the remote control is easy to achieve – even without any prior knowledge of the lens. The floating focus design delivers ultra-high resolution from near to far, and stepper motors enable precise focus control and high repeatability.

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  • P-Iris with remote adjustment
  • Power supply & control through USB
  • Floating focus design achieves ultra-high resolution from Near to Far.
  • Stepper motors realizes precise focus control and high repeatability
  • Easy-to-install by free control software

Lens Specification Table

Focal Length50mm
F-numberF2.4 – F16.0
Image Format1”
Minimum Working Distance0.2m
Dimensions75mm x 66.5mm


Computar VL5024U-MPZ Datasheet

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