Basler boost Bundle – CXP-12 Bundle boA4112-68cm 1C

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The Basler evaluation kit is the optimal set for testing your CoaXPress 2.0 image processing system. Capture your first image quickly and conveniently: Your selected boost camera boA4112-68cm includes the Sony IMX253 CMOS sensor with 68 fps and a 12 MP resolution. The CXP-12 interface card 1C, specifically developed for the boost, can be easily controlled with our pylon Camera Software Suite, just like the camera. Also included in the Basler evaluation kit is a CoaXPress 2.0 data cable, 2x heat sinks for the camera in the test scenario, an C-mount lens adapter and an I/O cable.

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The evaluation kit includes the Basler boost 12 MP mono camera, the corresponding CXP-12 interface card 1C and additional components for an easy test and integration phase.

General Information

Components Included

Cable CXP, Micro-BNC x2 (HD-BNC), P 5m

Accessory TypeData Cables
Cable Length5 m
Connector Camera SideMicro-BNC (HD-BNC)
Connector Host SideMicro-BNC (HD-BNC)
Moving CharacteristicStatic
InterfaceCoaXPress (CXP-12)

Power-I/O Cable M8 6p/open, P, 5m

Accessory TypeData Cables
Cable Length5 m
Connector Camera SideM8 6-pin
Connector Host SideNone (open end)
Moving CharacteristicStatic

Basler CXP-12 Interface Card 1C

InterfaceCoaXPress 2.0
Connectors1 x Micro-BNC/HD-BNC
Software DriversWindows 10 / 8 / 7 (32-Bit), Windows 10 / 8 / 7 (64-Bit), Linux 64-Bit

C-mount for boost, racer

Accessory TypeLens Accessories
Accessory DeveloperBasler
Lens Accessories TypeLens mount
Suitable Lens MountC-mount

Heat Sink for Basler boost Cameras

Accessory TypeHousing Accessories
Housing Size (L x W x H)75 mm x 41.5 mm x 34 mm
Thermal Resistance2.8 K/W


Basler boost Bundle – CXP-12 Bundle boA4112-68cm 1C Datasheet

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