DCM DKL4130A-630S

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Darkfield light ø300 Ø377mm. Red Strobe. Darkfield lighting systems are generally used to illuminate objects from camera axis with a small angle, emphasizing small cracks, lines and reliefs of the piece to be inspected and also eliminating the brightness and shadows. This series of direct light darkfields is specially thought for providing a huge amount of light to highlight edges and possible variations in height when taking photographs



ColourRed 630nm Strobe
External dimensions394x394x19mm
Inner diameter300mm
Recommended working distance<20mm
Power cable integrated2P with flying leads. Length: 1.8m
IP RatingIP40
Housing materialBlack anodized aluminium
Max. Operating humidity85% non-condensing
Operating temperature0-40 ºC
Storage temperature0-60 ºC
RegulationsRoHs, CE, WEEE
Available lighting colorsUV 400nm, Blue 470nm, Green 525nm, Red 630nm, IR 850nm, White W00
Continuous mode power supply (C)24VDC ±3%
Powered mode power supply (P)24VDC ±3%. Duty cycle ½, 60s Ton max.
Strobe mode power supply (S)VS Series Strobe Controller



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