DCM PRY0504A-630C

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Projector 43x45mm. Red Continuous. Large punctual light high power projector used to illuminate non-reflecting objects and emphasize textures. These systems produce great contrast and emphasize textures, relieves and fissures that the lighted object could have.



ColourRed 630nm Continuous
External dimensions47x56x18mm
Active Surface43x45mm
Recommended working distance>150mm
Connector2P on chassis
Power cable (non-included)VCB Series
IP RatingIP40
Housing materialBlack anodized aluminium
Max. Operating humidity85% non-condensing
Operating temperature0-40 ºC
Storage temperature0-60 ºC
RegulationsRoHs, CE, WEEE
Available lighting colorsUV 365nm, UV400nm, Blue 470nm, Green 525nm, Red 630nm, IR 850nm, White W00
Continuous mode power supply (C)24VDC ±3%
Powered mode power supply (P)24VDC ±3%. Duty cycle ½, 60s Ton max.
Strobe mode power supply (S)VS Series Strobe Controller



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