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Side angle axial & ring light 49x49mm. White Strobe. Ultra uniform Axial system combined with a diffuse ringlight (independently powered). The camera see the object reflected on the same beamsplitter through which light falls into the piece. Very useful when a diffuse light illumination is needed to improve homogeneity and avoid shines and shadows. The ringlight added also highlights edges and surface imperfections . Moreover, due to the 90° camera placing, total height setup is reduced.

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ColourWhite Strobe
External dimensions80x70x96mm
Active Surface74x62mm
Recommended working distance<100mm
Connector3P on chassis
Power cable (non-included)VCC Series
IP RatingIP40
Housing materialBlack anodized aluminium
Max. Operating humidity85% non-condensing
Operating temperature0-40 ºC
Storage temperature0-60 ºC
RegulationsRoHs, CE, WEEE
Available lighting colorsBlue 470nm, Green 525nm, Red 630nm, IR 850nm, White W00
Continuous mode power supply (C)24VDC ±3%
Strobe mode power supply (S)VS Series Strobe Controller



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