Three outputs of 6 Amperes controller, necessary in controlling DCM SISTEMES stroboscopic lighting systems. Specially design for controlling mixed lighting packages.

Independent configuration of pulse width for its outputs is useful in those systems made up of different lighting sources, such as a mixed lighting package made up of a darkfield, dome and an axial lighting system (high speed and critic lighting applications) fixing the effect on lighting that produces each mechanism.

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Output(Independent trigger configuration).
Output typeOpen drain MOSFET. +24VDC common.
Max. Current per output6A
Inputs3 independent. Common GND.
Input Impedance60KΩ
Power supply+24VDC ±3%. 3A
Large capacity of condensers, which are able to store enough power to give the output pulses.
TriggersUp to 2500 per second.
Pulse widthConfigurable between 0µS…10mS in steps of 4µS.
Pulse delayAdjustment of initial delay.
Housing materialPolycarbonate PC-F fiber reinforced. Inflammability class V0 (UL94). Colour: Black.
Serial CommunicationPC or PLC connection.
Programmingvia RS-232 stored in non-volatile memory.
AnchorageFor 35mm DIN type rail mount regulator.



VST33I Datasheet

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