Deediim Surf.Finder – CX200

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Surf.Finder is a surface inspection sensor dedicated to machine vision with a super multi-function. It quantitatively measures surface information such as inclination, roughness, reflection, so that it can stably perform surface inspections such as dents, scratches, air bubbles, stains, etc., which are previously considered impossible. Furthermore, it provides a free-illumination function that not only can freely set arbitrary illumination types such as bar, ring, co-axial, etc. to 24bit color, but also can very quickly switch them.

Surf.Finder-CX200 have a wide FOV and can detect defects such as Dent, Scratch, Stain on the Film, Glass, and Various Flat Materials.

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IlluminationCox-dome type Free Illumination
Dimensions (W x L x H)337 x 327 x 272 (mm)
Dome Opening for Lens100 X 100 (mm)
Camera TypeArea Scan Camera
FOV170mm x 114mm
Working Distance20mm
Weight10.0 kg
Input Voltage5V
Input Current35A (Max.)


DeeDim Surf.Finder – CX200 Datasheet

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