Euclid Labs Moonflower Red

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Software for Random Bin Picking Metal Sheet Parts. Randomly Mixed on Pallet or In A Box Starting From A DXF.

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Moonflower Red is Euclid Labs software for Random Bin Picking metalsheet parts  randomly mixed on pallet or in a box starting from a DXF, which can contain both information of gripping point and release position.
A Sick IVP sensor, composed of a camera and a laser sensor, is used to build the 3D image.
The system can pick parts for packing and palletizing purposes, or load machines for further process.

Normal working area, without a Z axis to move the sensor, is an Europallet (800 x 1200 mm) filled for 400 mm.
Since 2010 Moonflower Red has been selected to load Ras MiniBendCenter.

3D SensorSick Ruler
Bin Dimensions800 x 1000 x 450mm
Time Cycle12 sec
Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows 8
Drawing File ExtensionDXF

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