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EverPro EPIUH52-A0B3K020MG


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Cable USB3, High-Flex Hybrid AOC With Metal Housing (AM-MicroB), 20.0m

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Cable Length20m
Power Consumption0.94W
Weight395g (10m)
Cable Outer Diameter4.8mm
Minimum Cable Bending Diameter50mm
Transmit Speed5Gbps
Interface HostUSB3.0 Standard-A plug
Interface DeviceUSB3.0 Micro B plug with locking screw
Operation/Storage Temperatur20 – 60C/-40 – 80C
Power SupplySupports full USB3.0 transition speed 5Gbps
High FlexibilityDrag chain test over 10million cycle tests
Power SupportMax 5.75V 900mA (5/10/15m)/600mA(20m)



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