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Gardasoft PP500


PP500 LED Strobe Controller

Key features:

  • Compatible with nearly any LED lighting assembly available today
  • Two independent controlled output channels
  • Push button interface with optional Ethernet connectivity
  • SafeSense™ technology for safe overdriving
  • Small compact unit with optional DIN mounting available

PP500 Quick Specification:

  • 2 channel output
  • Optional Ethernet interface
  • 10A maximum pulsed
  • 2A maximum continuous
  • Supply voltage 12-48V DC
  • SafeSense™ enabled
  • 20µS minimum pulse width
  • Optional 1µS pulse width (F version)

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To get the very best out of your LED lighting solution, in terms of brightness stability and control, the lights should be driven from a current source, not a nominal voltage supply. The Gardasoft controllers are current sources. The PP500 LED lighting controller offers two output channels which are independently controlled.

Each channel can be individually configured to output continuously; or pulsed based on an external trigger signal or internal timer. The ‘F’ version controller will allow pulse width control down to 1µS resolution. Selected mode allows switching of the light based upon the state of an external trigger.

Product Specification

User interfacePushbutton
Output channels Two independent constant current outputs with SafeSense™
Output currentFrom 0mA to 10A in steps of 2.5mA.
Up to 2A per channel continuous or 10A pulsed.
Trigger inputs2 opto-isolated digital inputs. Require 3V to 24V.
Pulse width timingFrom 20us to 999 milliseconds in steps of 20us.
Timing repeatability 0.1us
Delay from trigger to pulse From 20us to 999 milliseconds in steps of 20us.
Timing repeatability 1us
Output voltage0V to 46V
Supply voltageRegulated 12V to 48V. The supply voltage must be at least 1V higher than the output voltage required by the lighting.
Dimensions118mm long by 76mm wide by 27mm high (excluding DIN fixing)
Weight240g excluding DIN fixing
MountingDIN rail or panel mounting.


Gardasoft PP420/500 Series Datasheet

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