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Gardasoft PPCC1660


PPCC1600 LED Strobe Controller

Key features:

  • 16 channel LED lighting controllers
  • Pulsing up to 20A per channel
  • 8 trigger inputs
  • 8 digital trigger outputs
  • Ethernet of RS232 interface options
  • Designed for new generation LEDs
  • 2A continuous output
  • 1µs minimum pulse width

Application benefits:

  • Very fast bright strobing for freezing motion
  • Very repeatable lighting intensity
  • Driving the LEDs with a constant current, rather than voltage
  • Combines LED Control with basic PLC triggering functionality
  • Ability to pulse the output at a higher current to achieve a higher output intensity
  • Pulsing turns the LEDs off when not in use, increasing their MTBF rates, reducing downtime

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The PPCC16 combines the features of the Gardasoft PP1600 series LED Lighting Controllers with the addition of 8 digital outputs for triggering cameras or general use. With new generation LEDs the PPCC16 series can provide high intensity pulses which exceed the brightness of xenon strobes.

The PPCC1620 Ethernet version acts as a miniature web server and can be controlled by image processing software on a remote PC. All versions of the PPCC16 can be remotely controlled and dynamically configured using commands sent from an image processing application on a remote PC.

Options for configuration include RS232 and Ethernet. With the Ethernet options a web browser can be used to access the PP Controllers’ internal web pages allowing status to be viewed and parameters to be changed. Please refer to the download section for a free download of a demonstration program (with fully commented source) showing how the PPCC1600 can be controlled from a PC using C++

Three modes of operation are provided separately for each channel:

Continuous:Output is a continuous level
Pulsed:Output is pulsed once per trigger
Switched:Output is switched by a digital output

Product Specification

User InterfaceRS232
Output channel16 independent constant current outputs
Output current20A pulsed
2A continuous
Steps of 6mA
Trigger inputs8 opto-isolated digital inputs. Require 3V to 24V
Lighting pulse width timing1µs to 1ms in steps of 1µs, variation <1µs
1ms to 1 second in steps of 100µs, variation <5µs
Lighting delay timing 4µs to 1ms in steps of 1µs, variation <5µs
1ms to 1 second in steps of 100µs, variation <10µs
Digital output pulse timing10µs to 300ms in steps of 5µs, variation <10µs
Trigger outputs8 TTL level (0.4V to 3.4V typical at ±10mA)
Output voltage1.5V to [supply voltage] – 1V
Supply voltage12V to 48V regulated DC
Dimensions280mm by 54mm by 78mm
MountingPanel mount or optional DIN rail kit
(Gardasoft PP705)


Gardasoft PPCC16 Series Datasheet

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