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Gardasoft was founded in 1999 producing LED lighting controllers for the Machine Vision industry, and is now established as a global leader in the design, manufacture and application of high performance LED control technology so that customers maximize the intensity and lifetime of their machine vision lighting system. Since its inception, Gardasoft has grown through a continuous high level of re-investment in Research and Development.


Gardasoft continues to trade and promote under its existing name and branding.


Emphasis on innovation through Research & Development
High level of re-investment in new product development
Patented technology


Flexible manufacturing (through in-house facilities and high quality manufacturing partners)
Efficient turnaround of custom OEM products and Project specials


Most products are shipped from stock
Customers benefit from Gardasoft’s Worldwide Distribution and Support network


Industry sector expertise in Machine Vision, Intelligent Transport, Security – gained through real project experience


Highly qualified technical staff (benefitting from Cambridge technology network)
Fast and knowledgeable technical support
Extensive experience in Machine Vision System applications


Highest levels of product manufacture and testing
Products RoHS compliant and CE certified
Worldwide guarantee on all Gardasoft Products
Product designs are tested for EMC and Safety

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