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iCORE has world-class researchers in the field of machine vision with analog circuit design technology, precision instrument optics, and lighting design technology and provide innovative machine vision solutions by internalizing electrical, electronic, optical, precision control, FPGA, firmware, and software technologies.


We pursue innovation to the core.

Machine vision is a system that comprises of a high-performance camera, software, and an image processor. After the camera, lens and lighting are used to take an appropriate image, the image processor and software analyze and process the image according to the purpose of the task and provides a judgement that helps to perform the specific task.

With the adoption of the machine vision system, machines are given vision so that they can automate and process various tasks previously processed by humans. The machine vision system is designed to be capable of micrometer accuracy processing at extremely high speeds.

The products and technologies required by machine vision and smart factory industries continue to grow. iCore brings together the top machine vision experts in the field to offer the best solutions and innovations for customers, and provide solutions tailored to the conditions of each customer.

Field of application


As the industrial production system changes with customized mass production, the manufacturing industry is introducing the smart factory as a new method for manufacturing innovation. iCore’s solutions applied to smart factories can further improve product productivity, quality, and even customer satisfaction.


As the field of secondary batteries is gradually expanding, the demand for highly accurate vision inspection equipment is increasing as inspections considering product characteristics and various processes are required. iCore is equipped with vision inspection equipment that inspects even minute defects of products using precise cameras.


Defects that occur during display manufacturing have limitations in detecting them through existing algorithms. iCore’s solution utilizes deep learning algorithms to maximize yield and provides technology applied with optical system solutions that can respond to all areas of diverse and demanding display processes.


Machine vision systems are being used in the field of exterior inspection of semiconductors, which are key components of high-tech precision materials and products. iCore’s machine vision system enables precise measurement of ambiguous dents or cracks between minute circuit boards. In addition, it increases the throughput of inspection equipment to minimize the time required for inspection.


To meet short lead times, tight inventory management, complex supply chains and zero-defect demands from OEMs, automakers are addressing these challenges by deploying machine vision technology throughout their production facilities.


Quantitative surveying of structured scenes requires machine vision systems. iCore’s machine vision system can inspect hundreds or thousands of parts per minute on a production line and can inspect very small objects invisible to the human eye in detail.

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