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We facilitate the success of technology in dangerous and dirty environments. We create housing solutions that are not only tough but, easy to use, install and integrate into a range of environments. By removing the traditional constraints, we are opening new possibilities for industry.


Every great business starts with a problem

For years, the Machine Vision industry has had no choice but to accept bulky, expensive, low-quality and hard-to-use camera housing. IPE’s Founders have spent years integrating machine vision solutions into a variety of challenging environments. Over time, their frustrations built up to a point where they felt compelled to design their own solution to meet their needs and those of their clients. Time for a fresh approach.

Simplicity is the key

Life is complicated enough so why add to it? We started with a blank page to create products designed around genuine user problems. We wanted to make those complicated lengthy installations a thing of the past whilst providing the best protection for your hardware. We like to think that our products are a lot like us; straightforward and easy to get on with.

Global and local

We are based in Oxford, however, you’ll find our products and solutions all around the globe. Oxford’s rich heritage of innovation means we are very much at home here. That being said, we are on a mission to become the world’s number one solution for sealed enclosures and ingress protection.

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