Laser Illuminations

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Osela Inc. has a strong focus in laser illumination systems for industrial applications in machine vision, industrial inspection and instrumentation. A highly skilled team, many years of industry experience, and has the photonics expertise needed to assist customers in the development of optically intensive applications.


Compact Line Laser
Compact Line LaserHigh performance, high reliability with superior beam shaping capabilities
Random Pattern Projector Laser
Random Pattern Projector LaserStructured lighting laser depth sensing projector
SL Pulsed Power Laser450, 640 or 808nm up to 1W in pulsing mode
Streamline Line Laser
Streamline Line LaserHigh performance, high reliability, and superior beam shaping capabilities
Top Hat Laser
Top Hat LaserA self-contain input beam adaptable module to easily convert a laser beam to an uniform Top Hat profile
Telecentric Line Laser
Telecentric Line LaserHigh uniformity and line straightness with constant line thickness

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