Matrox DXRT0000030000U

Matrox Design Assistant X runtime software license key. The user must supply a lock code generated using the license management utility (MILConfig’s Licensing tab) or the smart camera portal (Licensing tab on the Settings page). This unique lock code identifies the target system and package(s) to license. The correspondence between the packages below and flowchart steps comes from the Project License Information dialog accessible from the Platform menu in Matrox Design Assistant X.

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Software KeyMatrox Design Assistant X 3D Calibration and Supplemental package. Enables 3D camera and sensor acquisition as well as AlignPlane (also see DXRTA…/DXRTM… and DAXRT…Y…), Crop3D (also see DXRTA…/DXRTM…), ExtractProfile (also see DXRTA…/DXRTM…), FillGaps, Project3D, and Volume3D (also see DXRTA…/DXRTM… and DAXRT…Y…) steps.Yes
Software KeyPre-programmed Matrox Design Assistant X runtime USB hardware license key that enables appropriate package(s).Yes
DongleUSB Hardware License KeyYes

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