Max Levy DA020

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Max Levy Autograph, Inc – Your source for ultra precision patterning, certified:

  • AS9100 Rev C
  • Including ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 17025 Accredited


Highlights at a glance:

Useful for measuring video system distortion. Known dot diameters and spacing used to quantify Actual image distances versus Predicted. Corrections result for image processing or direct readings.

Reticle on stable glass substrate etched in Low Reflection Chrome. Pattern is on top surface (right-reading looking at). Includes N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of accuracy.

Pattern: Five (5) square dot arrays on 3” X 3” soda lime glass.

  • Dot spacing: 2.00mm. Dot dia.: 1.00mm. Square length (center to center): 50.00mm
  • Dot spacing: 1.00mm. Dot dia.: 0.50mm. Square length (center to center): 34.00mm
  • Dot spacing: 0.50mm Dot dia.: 0.25mm. Square length (center to center): 20.00mm
  • Dot spacing: 0.25mm. Dot dia.: 0.125mm. Square length (center to center): 10.00mm
  • Dot spacing: 0.125mm. Dot dia.: 0.0625mm. Square length (center to center): 5.00mm