Max Levy DA035

Max Levy Autograph, Inc – Your source for ultra precision patterning, certified:

  • AS9100 Rev C
  • Including ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 17025 Accredited

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Highlights at a glance:  

  • Exceptional target practically measured Depth of Field to avoid errors by theroretical calculation
  • Determines how much shift objects can tolerate before image degradation in Video/Optical systems
  • Also used to check Telecentricity
  • Patterns include both horizontal and vertical rulings at 5 and 15 lp/mm
  • Between the ruling groups are accurate linear scales 50mm in length with 0.05mm divisions
  • Assembly dimensions: 34mm x 57mm x 57mm
  • High contrast film on Aluminum block with 45° or Planar viewing

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