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Basler microEnable 5 VD8-PoCL


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microEnable 5 ironman VD8-PoCL is a PCIe image processing device that allows a full bandwidth connection of two Camera Link standardized cameras.
microEnable 5 ironman VD8-PoCL focuses on high-speed image processing with Camera Link cameras and offers with DMA3600 technology and color pre-pocessing an ultimate access to advanced Machine Vision color applications.

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Accessory TypeFrame Grabber
Product LineV-Line
ProcesorXilinx Virtex6 XC6VLX240T FPGA, Vision Processor
Connectors2 x MDR26
ConfigurationsCL-full, Including non-Standard formats: Bilinear color, CL-deca (80bit)
Sensor TypeCFA sensor (Bayer), Grayscale sensor, RGB sensor


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