MidOpt AB555-27


AB555 Acrylic Absorptive Near-IR/UV-Block Visible Bandpass Filter

AB555 acrylic absorptive bandpass filter passes light in the visible range and blocks all near-infrared, ultraviolet and violet wavelengths. This filter offers excellent laser protection at 1064nm (O.D. 6). Additionally, optical density exceeds 5.0 in the UV (190-375nm), near-IR (760-1070nm) and at 10,600nm. Standard thickness is 3.5mm. The material is a light greenish color in transmission. Sheet stock can be quickly laser cut to a wide variety of custom sizes and shapes, particularly when used as a cover for an enclosure or a laser protective window. Next day shipping is typical.


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Product Specification

Part #AB555-27
DescriptionA/R Acrylic Protective Window M27
Useful Range470-645nm
Tolerance+/- 10nm
Peak Transmission ≥ 42%
Surface Quality80/50


MidOpt AB555 Datasheet

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