MidOpt AC900-55

AC900 Acrylic Short-Wave Infrared Longpass Filter

AC900 is a stock IR Pass/Visible Block acrylic sheet material that blocks a large portion of the near IR spectrum. Both surfaces are hard-coated for scratch resistance. It is ideal for use with 940nm LED illumination or in other semi-covert situations where visible light emitted by arc/flash lamps needs to be blocked while IR illumination is passed. AC900 material is custom cut from 2mm thick sheet material according to customer specifications and is supplied with protective overlays on both surfaces. Other thicknesses are available on request.

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Product Specification

Part #AC900-55
DescriptionAcrylic Near-IR Longpass M55
Useful Range930-1100nm
Cut-on Wavelength 50% T900nm
Tolerance+/- 10nm
Peak Transmission ‚Č• 90%
Surface Quality80/50


MidOpt AC900 Datasheet

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