Mikrotron EoSens Fiber Series

The EoSens® FIBER cameras bring an incredible combination of speed, resolution and responsiveness. Another benefit of the cameras are their ultra-slim design. The size was reduced to 80 x 80 x 53 mm, allowing them to integrate easily into existing production lines, machinery or moving equipment.

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The EoSens® 3FIBER operats at 566 frames per second at 1,696 x 1,710 pixel resolution and takes advantage of the integrated fiber interface.

The EoSens® 4FIBER operats at 563 frames per second at 2,336 x 1,728 pixel resolution.

The combination of an interface protocol and a flexible, proven, high-speed fiber interface in a small high speed camera offers many advantages for the user:

– High data rates

– Standardized fiber MTP connection

– Long distance solution with cable lengths up to 300m

– Flexible and reliable fiber cables

– No extra costs for separate fiber repeater solution

– Saves system costs, e.g. with cheap fiber cables

Highlights at a glance:

– High resolution at high speed

– Up to 225,000 fps at reduced resolution

– 25 GBit/s data transfer rate for real time streaming

– High-performance fiber interface

– 80 x 80 x 53 mm small

– Shock and vibration proof

– Fanless design for vibration-free operation

– EMVA1288 standardized reporting

EoSens® FIBER with cabel


Technical Specifications


Frame Rates


Technical Drawings


High Speed Applications


– PCB inspection

– Ball grid inspection

– LCD panel inspection

– Wafer inspection


– Ballistics

– Explosives

– Rocket testing

– Aerial surveillance

Science and Research

– PIV measurements

– Material testing

– Trajectory reconstruction

– Motion analysis

Industrial Automation

– Laser cutting quality

– Roboter control

– Laser triangulation

– Material sorting

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