Mikrotron Gigabit Ethernet Camera

The EoSens® GE high-speed camera captures images with 1,280 x 1,024 pixel resolution at 81 frames per second. At reduced resolution the frame rate can be increased to up to 15,290 frames per second.


The camera uses the GigE Vision® interface that is found on all modern computers and servers, allowing integrators to plug and play the camera into existing systems. Multiple cameras can easily be connected to the same computer and the same port using switches. Cable lengths of up to 100 meters are possible with no frame grabber required.

The EoSens® GE allows four individual ROIs. Additionally, through two selectable steps, the camera’s dynamic range can be enhanced to 90 dB. The pixel exposure can be accumulated up to seven times. The optimally exposed image can then be selected for further processing.

Highlights at a glance:

– 81 fps at 1.3 megapixel resolution

– More than 15,000 fps at reduced resolution

– 63 x 63 x 46 mm small

– High contrast images with 90 dB dynamic range

– Gigabit Ethernet / GigE Vison® interface

– Up to 100 m cable length without additional hardware

– Shock and vibration proof

– Fanless design

EoSens® GE


Technical Specifications


Frame Rates


Technical Drawings


High Speed Applications


– Fuel injection testing

– Tire testing

– Crash tests

– Wind tunnel experiments

Industrial Automation

– Bottling inspection

– Flaw detection

– Particle size detection

– Packaging inspection

Science and Research

– Motion analysis

– Trajectory reconstruction

– Material testing

– Vibration analysis