Nerian Karmin2 Stereo 3D Camera

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Karmin2 has been specifically designed for easy integration with our SceneScan stereo vision sensor. In combination with SceneScan, Karmin2 becomes a fully featured 3D depth camera that acquires accurate range measurements, even in bright light conditions and over long distances.

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Karmin2 is available in two different stereo baseline distances: 10 and 25 cm. The 10 cm model is ideal for close range depth measurements, with measurement distances as low as 0.5  m. The 25 cm model, on the other hand, is intended for long range stereo vision. In this case, the wider baseline facilitates a superior depth resolution at higher distances.

Below you find a list of recommended configurations when using Karmin2 in combination with SceneScan or SceneScan Pro for stereo vision. Please select a Karmin2 and SceneScan model to update the list.

Focal Len.Image Res.Disp. RangeMin. DepthFOVFrame Rate
6mm800 x 592128 pixels0.53m62°20 fps
8mm800 x 592128 pixels0.70m48°20 fps
12mm800 x 592128 pixels1.06m33°40 fps
16mm800 x 592128 pixels1.41m25°20 fps
25mm800 x 592128 pixels2.20m16°20 fps
Focal Len.Image Res.Disp. RangeMin. DepthFOVFrame Rate
6mm800 x 592256 pixels0.26m62°40 fps
6mm1600 x 1200128 pixels1.06m62°15 fps
6mm1600 x 1200256 pixels0.53m62°10 fps
8mm800 x 592256 pixels0.35m48°40 fps
8mm1600 x 1200128 pixels1.41m48°15 fps
8mm1600 x 1200256 pixels0.70m48°10 fps
12mm800 x 592256 pixels0.53m33°40 fps
12mm1600 x 1200128 pixels2.11m33°15 fps
12mm1600 x 1200256 pixels1.05m33°10 fps
16mm800 x 592256 pixels0.70m25°40 fps
16mm1600 x 1200128 pixels2.82m25°15 fps
16mm1600 x 1200256 pixels1.40m25°10 fps
25mm800 x 592256 pixels1.10m16°40 fps
25mm1600 x 1200128 pixels4.40m16°15 fps
25mm1600 x 1200256 pixels2.19m16°10 fps
Focal Len.Image Res.Disp. RangeMin. DepthFOVFrame Rate
6mm800 x 592128 pixels1.32m62°20 fps
8mm800 x 592128 pixels1.76m48°20 fps
12mm800 x 592128 pixels2.64m33°20 fps
16mm800 x 592128 pixels3.52m25°20 fps
25mm800 x 592128 pixels5.50m16°20 fps
Focal Len.Image Res.Disp. RangeMin. DepthFOVFrame Rate
6mm800 x 592256 pixels0.66m62°40 fps
6mm1600 x 1200128 pixels2.64m62°15 fps
6mm1600 x 1200256 pixels1.32m62°10 fps
8mm800 x 592256 pixels0.88m48°40 fps
8mm1600 x 1200128 pixels3.52m48°15 fps
8mm1600 x 1200256 pixels1.75m48°10 fps
12mm800 x 592256 pixels1.32m33°40 fps
12mm1600 x 1200128 pixels5.28m33°15 fps
12mm1600 x 1200256 pixels2.63m33°10 fps
16mm800 x 592256 pixels1.75m25°40 fps
16mm1600 x 1200128 pixels7.05m25°15 fps
16mm1600 x 1200256 pixels3.51m25°10 fps
25mm800 x 592256 pixels2.74m16°40 fps
25mm1600 x 1200128 pixels11.01m16°15 fps
25mm1600 x 1200256 pixels5.48m16°10 fps

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