Nerian Scarlet 3D Depth Camera


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Scarlet combines 3D stereo camera and image processing in one device. Whether for static environments, or hard and critical real-time applications in dynamic environments, our Scarlet 3D depth camera provides you with exactly the image and depth data you need for your machine vision application.

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Hardware Details

Image SensorSony IMX250 Pregius
Inertial Sensor (IMU)BNO080
Max. IMU Measurement Rate400 Hz
Environment ProtectionIP67
Power Supply10 – 30V DC
Power Consumption35 W
Dimensions217 x 68 x 161 mm for 10 cm baseline

320 x 68 x 148 mm for 25 cm baseline

Weight (total)ca. 1.8kg for 10 cm baseline

ca. 1.9kg for 25 cm baseline

I/OGigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, GPIO
Operating Temperature0 – 50°C
ConformityCE, FCC, RoHS

Stereo Matching

Stereo AlgorithmVariation of Semi-Global Matching
Max. Greyscale Resolution2432 x 2048 pixels
Max. Color Resolutionn/a
Supported Pixel FormatsMono8, Mono12
Disparity Range128 to 512 pixels
Frame RateUp to 120 fps
Sub-pixel Resolution4 bits (1/16 pixel) for disparity < 256

3 bits (1/8 pixel) for disparity < 256

Post-processingConsistency check, uniqueness check, gap interpolation, noise reduction, speckle filtering
Latency (incl. image capture)The latency time depends on the chosen configuration.

Typical: time between two frames + exposure time + approx. 9 ms


Data Sheet

Nerian Scarlet 3D Depth Camera Datasheet

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