Nexensor nXC-1

Color Confocal Displacement & Thickness Measurement Sensor

nXC-1 uses the confocal measurement principle to measure precise displacement and thickness. It is possible to measure displacement and distance even on rough or reflective surfaces, and various measuring points can be applied depending on the object to be measured.

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High-speed, precise measurement of the surface of fine and transparent products with various NA measuring heads

nXC-1 can use it across multiple manufacturing lines because of its high resolution and very high-speed measurement. Real-time calibration performs to measure products with different reflective surfaces, isolating valid signals to increase measurement accuracy. A measuring head with various NA is advantageous for measuring a surface with a fine surface shape and a large inclination angle. It can measure the surface and thickness of transparent products, and it is also possible to measure the thickness of opaque products.

Key Features

  • Various NA (Numerical Aperture) measuring heads

  • Measurement of micro-surface and thickness of transparent / opaque products

  • Combined with a vision camera, measure x, y, z three-dimensional coordinates and accurately check the position.


Nexensor nXC-1 Datasheet


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