Nexensor nXI-5 50X

White Light Interference Measurement Sensor

nXI-5 adopts interferometry, a technology used to calibrate precision measuring equipment and precisely measures small areas. As a result, it delivers reliable data to increase process efficiency and effectively improve production quality.

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Ultra-precision, ultra-fast 3D measurement of microstructure

In addition, this much faster measuring solution is the right fit for mass production lines and, its advanced measuring technology ensures high reliability of measurements. nXI-5 measures step, thickness, and roughness, and hence can use for measuring spots of 1 ㎛ or less, such as the microstructures, bumps, and roughness of semiconductors, and the column spacers, surface structures, and protrusions by foreign substances in displays, etc. In addition, it can separate thin films and so excels in measuring products with multilayer structures.

Product Specification

Measurement Area (F.O.V.)0.192 mm x 0.192 mm
Working Distance3.4 mm
Numerical Aperture (N.A.)0.55
Pixel Resolution0.2 μm
Scan Time< 1 sec
Repeatability30 nm
Vertical Resolution (Z)1 nm


Nexensor nXI-5 Datasheet

Key Features

  • L Real-time multilayer (membrane) separation algorithm and measurement

  • Applicable to the mass production line
  • Fast measuring and data acquisition
  • High precision

  • Simple measurement process
  • Various data analysis
  • Easy user interface
  • Minimum space for installation


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