Nexensor nXI-5C 50X

Compact white light interferometric displacement sensor

It is very convenient to apply to the mass production line with a much faster measurement speed than before, and the high-level measurement technology provides high reliability for the results.

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Ultra-precise and high-speed 3D microstructure measurement

It can measure the difference in height, thickness, and roughness, so it is used for measurement of microstructures of semiconductors, bumps, roughness, column spacers of displays, surface structures, and protrusions caused by foreign substances.

Product Specification

Measurement Area (F.O.V.)0.066 mm x 0.066 mm
Working Distance3.4 mm
Numerical Aperture (N.A.)0.55
Pixel Resolution0.07 μm
Scan Time< 1 sec
Repeatability30 nm
Vertical Resolution (Z)2 / 6 / 12 nm


Nexensor nXI-5C Datasheet

Key Features

  • L Real-time multilayer (membrane) separation algorithm and measurement

  • Applicable to the mass production line
  • Fast measuring and data acquisition
  • High precision

  • Simple measurement process
  • Various data analysis
  • Easy user interface
  • Minimum space for installation


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