Nexensor nXM-1

3D measurement DMD system for large areas

nXM-1 delivers 3D measurement using the Moiré method and DMD (Digital Micro-mirror Device). Using DMD to acquire multiple pattern images at high speed can measure products with height depth. Since it has various FOV (Max. 310mm X 310mm), nXM-1 proves to be highly useful in measuring multiple spots, from precision products to steps of large areas.

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High-speed, precise 3D large area & step measurement

nXM-1 is an optimal product that can use when you need to quickly measure various structures such as PCB components and balls with a precision of several ㎛ in a large area. In addition, multiple DMDs solve the issue of shadow, and it is possible to provide only the DMD optical system upon a customer’s request.

Product Specification

Measurement Area (F.O.V.)310 mm x 310 mm
Measurement ModeDMD Moire
Repeatability5 μm
Scan Time1 sec
Pixel Resolution60.5 μm


Nexensor nXM-1 Datasheet

Key Features

  • Various FOVs applied
  • Measuring of products with height depth

  • Applicable to the mass production line
  • Fast measuring and data acquisition

  • Simple measuring process
  • Various data analysis
  • Easy user interface


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