Nexensor nXP-1

White Light Interference Displacement Sensor

nXP-1 measures & inspects the surface shape of reflective materials with one image.

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High-speed measurement of shape and warpage with one image

Since the product’s surface measures with one image, it can be implemented on the fly, enabling quick measurement of large areas.It is possible to inspect and measure surface defects of products that are generally difficult to measure, such as defects on the surface of wafer chips larger than several ㎚, warpage of camera film, and bubble measurement on transparent surfaces. nXP-1 can also customise according to the size or shape of the product to be measured and the specifications desired by customers.This product is equipped with inspection and measurement solutions to ensure the perfect quality of the mass production line.

Product Specification

Measurement Area (F.O.V.)16 mm x 14 mm
Repeatability< 10nm
Scan Time< 0.05 sec
Pixel Resolution4 per a pixel μm


Nexensor nXP-1 Datasheet

Key Features

  • Measure the surface shape of wafer and film types with just one image

  • Bubble measurement on transparent surfaces

  • Applicable to the mass production line
  • Fast measuring and data acquisition


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