Nexensor nXR-1

Spectral interferometer sensor

The principle of the spectral interference method is to acquire a spectral interference signal by a dispersing element structure and to acquire line profile information about the surface shape of the multi-layered thin-film structure and the thickness of the multi-layered thin-film at once.

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Nanostructure 3D measurement technology for multi-layer thin-film devices

In the case of horizontal resolution, it determines by the objective lens’s magnification, so it is possible to measure the surface shape of a multilayer thin film with nanometer-level precision while having a higher horizontal resolution than existing Reflectometry & Ellipsometry.

Product Specification

Measurement Area (F.O.V.)500 mm x 0.5 mmOption
Lens Magnification20 xOption
Pixel Resolution0.5 μmOption
Min. Thickness10nm10nm
Measurement LayerMax. 5 LayersMax. 5 Layers


Nexensor nXR-1 Datasheet

Key Features

  • Real-time multi-layer thin film thickness & surface shape measurement
  • Applicable to measurement of multi-layer thin film structures such as semiconductors and displays

  • Applicable to the mass production line
  • Fast measuring and data acquisition
  • High precision

  • Simple measurement process
  • Various data analysis
  • Easy user interface


3D Thickness Information

3D Surface Information

3D Thickness Profile

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