Nexensor nXV-1

Optical Interference Displacement & Thickness Measurement Sensor

nXV-1 uses the interference method to measure precise displacement and thickness. The in-line format enables real-time measuring. A measuring probe is mounted on the robot, allowing it to measure while on the move and use for various measurements. In addition, since thin-film separation is possible, it accurately separates the surface and provides reliable measurement values and data disregarding coatings on the surface.

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High-precision, multi-channel probe-mounted displacement & thickness measuring sensor

By using light sources of various wavelengths, nXV-1 measures the thickness of transparent products such as films and glass and opaque or rough products such as silicon and sapphire wafers. It can use for products whose thickness is difficult to measure, such as secondary batteries (sealing thickness) and PCB conformal coating.

Product Specification

Key Features

  • Accurate separation measurement for multilayer films
  • Thickness measurement of specular surface

  • Mounting of up to 16 channel probes

  • Applicable to the mass production line
  • Real-time measurement and data acquisition
  • Easy user interface


Nexensor nXV-1 Datasheet


Bare wafer top & Bottom measurement

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