Norpix TroublePix

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TroublePix, single camera software and hardware solution for event capture, monitoring and troubleshooting your production line.

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TroublePix is a digital video recording software designed for factory floor applications or requirements needing a simple user interface. With TroublePix, you can acquire, view and review all within the same user interface. TroublePix provides features such as looping, Pre/Post triggering, event marking and much more.


  • Compatible with GigE, FireWire A & B, Analog and Camera Link high speed cameras from various manufacturers.
  • Designed for non technical operators.
  • Full screen mode, specially designed for use with touchscreen displays.
  • Solutions available for high speed from 60 to 1850 fps at VGA and high resolution.
  • Provides quick access to exposed camera/grabber features.
  • Multiple image display modes with zoom capability.
  • Lots of keyboard shortcut to speed operation without using mouse


  • Lenses
  • Lighting
  • Camera protection cases
  • Portable stands

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