Optart Macro Tube Lens

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As one of pioneers of Telecentric technology in the machine vision industry, Optart offers one of the riches lineup of most common used lenses and the ability of customizing for your tailor-made applications.

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Model NumberMagnificationWorking Distance (mm)Resolution (μm)
MDF03060.6 ~ 0.372 ~ 12415.2 ~ 24.7READ MORE
MDF0150.15 ~ 0.0566 ~ 21526 ~ 73READ MORE
MDF020.2 ~ 0.0882 ~ 20220.3 ~ 46READ MORE
MDF040.4 ~ 0.1578 ~ 18010.5 ~ 23READ MORE
MDF060.6 ~ 0.483 ~ 1136.8 ~ 8.9READ MORE
Model NumberMagnificationWorking Distance (mm)Resolution (μm)DOF (mm)Efff. F No.
HR01D0.1325. MORE
HR01D0150.2325. MORE
HR01D020.2325. MORE
HR01D030.3325.025.82.511.7READ MORE
HR02D0.2163. MORE
HR02D0150.3163. MORE
HR02D020.4163. MORE
HR02D030.6163.014.10.812.6READ MORE
HR03D0.3109. MORE
HR03D0150.5109. MORE
HR03D020.6109. MORE
HR03D030.9109.010.20.413.8READ MORE
HR04D0.483.08.20.394.9READ MORE
HR04D0150.683. MORE
HR04D020.883. MORE
HR04D031. MORE
HR05D0.567. MORE
HR05D0150.867. MORE
HR05D021. MORE
HR05D031.567.07.00.1715.9READ MORE