Opto Engineering Telecentric Lens

TC16M Series telecentric lenses have been specifically designed to fit 35mm format (36 x 24 mm) detectors with very high resolution, such as 11, 16 or 29MP. This combination is the typical choice for extremely accurate measurement of large items such as engine parts, glass or metal sheets, PCBs and electronic components, LCDs, etc.

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TC16M lenses are also perfectly suitable for 4k and 8k linescan cameras and can be successfully used to determine the diameter of cylindrical objects: for example shafts, turned metal parts, machine tools, etc.

ModelMag. (x)Image Circle¬†√ł (mm)WD (mm)Field Depth (mm)Mount
TC16M0094.00043.357.80.15FREAD MORE
TC16M0123.00043.357.80.2FREAD MORE
TC16M0182.00043.357.80.3FREAD MORE
TC16M0361.00042102.61FREAD MORE
TC16M0480.75143.3125.62FREAD MORE
TC16M0560.64143.3148.62.5FREAD MORE
TC16M0640.56143.3170.64FREAD MORE
TC16M0800.46343.3197.35FREAD MORE
TC16M0960.38043.3262.39FREAD MORE
TC16M1200.28943.3331.615FREAD MORE
TC16M1440.24543.3397.419FREAD MORE
TC16M1920.18743.3457.533FREAD MORE
TC16M2400.1543.3542.852FREAD MORE