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Orbbec Astra Mini


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Designed with a highly compact platform the Astra Mini is ideal for a wide range of settings, including gesture control, robotics, 3D scanning, and point cloud development for mobile devices ranging from schools to industrial environments, and even retail locations. Astra Mini is a bare 3D module (no productive housing) released by Orbbec towards our customers who want to build their standalone product.

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Along with the Astra Mini 3D cameras, Orbbec manufactures the DuriPOD. The DuriPOD is more durable than most other 3D cameras, on the market, and its top-notch design protects your Astra Mini from water and dust with the IP56 rating while its metal frame helps dissipate the heat coming from the 3D camera. The addition of the Orbbec DuriPOD metal casing gives you another powerful tool to unlock the many benefits of Orbbec 3D sensors.

Product Specification

Product NameAstra Mini
FOVH60°, V49.5°, D73°
RGB Image ResolutionUp to 640  x 480 @30fps
Depth Image Resolution640 x 480 @30fps;
Power SupplyUSB 2.0
Temperature0-40° C
Data TransferUSB 2.0
Power Consumption<2.4 W
Operating SystemsAndroid/Linux/Windows
SDKAstra SDK or OpenNI 2 or 3rd Party SDK
Precision+/- 1-3mm @1m


Orbbec Astra Mini Datasheet

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