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Femto Bolt is a compact, high-performance device with multi-mode Depth and RGB cameras and USB-C connection for power and data. The depth camera uses Microsoft’s industry-proven ToF technology and has identical operating modes and performance as the Microsoft Azure Kinect and Orbbec Femto Mega. It’s versatility and price makes it attractive for AI-developers for 3D vision applications.

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Femto Bolt is a programmable multi-mode Depth and RGB camera with real-time streaming of processed images over USB connections.

– High-resolution and high accuracy across a wide range of operations.
– Wide Field of View covers a large area.
– HDR (High Dynamic Range) function preserves details.
– Easy camera setup with a rich set of APIs for various applications.

Ease of use for AI Developers and Commercial Applications 
– Depth and RGB cameras and IMU in a single device.
– Combined data and power with USB-C 3.2 connection
– High precision synchronization trigger control.

Product Specification

ProductFemto Bolt
CertificationsROHS, Reach, WEEE, CP65, EMC, FCC, IC, UKCA,
Class 1 Laser Product, FDA
Accuracy< 11 mm + 0.1% distance
Depth FOVNFoV unbinned & binned: H 75° V 65°
WFoV unbinned & binned: H 120° V 120°
RGB FOVH 80° V 51° D 89°
RGB Resolution Framerate3840×2160 @Up to 25 FPS
1920×1080 @Up to 30 FPS
Depth Resolution FramerateWFOV unbinned 1024×1024 @Up to 15 FPS
WFOV 2×2 binned 512×512 @Up to 30 FPS NFOV unbinned 640×576 @Up to 30 FPS NFOV 2×2 binned 320×288 @Up to 30 FPS
RangeWFOV unbinned 0.5-3.86m
WFOV 2×2 binned 0.5-5.46m NFOV unbinned 0.25-2.88m NFOV 2×2 binned 0.25-2.21m
ProcessorHost computer
Operating SystemsWindows/ Linux
Temperature10 – 25°C
Data TransferUSB 3.2 Gen 1
Average Power Consumption4.35W average
IMU6 DoF; Frequency range: 50-2,000Hz; Data format:
Sync8-Pin Connector
Power SupplyDC 12V 2A
Type-C 5V 3A


Orbbec Femto Bolt Datasheet

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