Orbbec Femto Mega I


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3D camera, 1024×1024 TOF with 8MP, RGB, GigE, integrated Nvidia Jetson Nano platform, IP65

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Femto Mega I is a programmable multi-mode industrial grade (IP65) Depth and RGB camera with real-time streaming of processed images over Ethernet connections. The camera uses Microsoft’s industry proven TOF Technology and the NVDIA® Jetson™ platform to deliver a software-defined Depth and RGB vision platform for computer vision and AI developers.

  • Depth camera with 1 Mega Pixel TOF sensor and 120° FOV
  • 4K RGB with HDR
  • 6DoF IMU
  • IP65 dust and water protection
  • Industrial grade M12 X-coding Ethernet port with PoE
  • Sophisticated and accurate synchronization trigger control for multi-sensor network

Product Specification

Depth TechnologyTime of Flight
Depth Range*0.25 – 3.86m (depending on depth mode)
*Depth typical systematic error (accuracy)* <11mm + 0.1% distance; Depth random error std. dev. (precision)* ≤17mm
Depth Resolution/FPSSnapshot Mode: Up to 1024×1024@10fps (WFOV), 640×576@10fps (NFOV)
Stream Mode: Up to 1024×1024@15fps (WFOV), 640×576@30fps (NFOV)
Depth FOVH 120° V 120° (WFOV), H 75° V 65° (NFOV)
RGB Resolution/FPSSnapshot Mode: Up to 3840×2160@3fps, 1920×1080@10fps
Stream Mode: Up to 3840×2160@25fps, 1920×1080@30fps
RGB FOVH 80° V 51°
ProcessingNVIDIA Jetson Nano
Data ConnectionEthernet (M12 X-coding Connector 8 pins)
Power InputPOE+/DC 12~24V
Power ConsumptionAverage <11w
Operating Environment0°c – 45°c; Indoor/Semi-Outdoor; 8 – 90% RH (non-condensing)
SDK SupportOrbbec Industry SDK
Data OutputPoint Cloud, Depth Map, IR & RGB
Dimension (W*H*D)180mm x 50mm x 110mm
Installation8 x M5


Orbbec Femto Mega I Datasheet

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