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Femto is Orbbec’s new TOF (Time of Flight). Femto uses time of light to measure distances to objects. As well as being able to turn captured images into 3D images, it can also measure at a speed of 30 frames per second, allowing it to track the movement of objects three-dimensionally.

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Femto is Orbbec’s new TOF (Time of Flight). ToF is a technology for capturing the exact position and shape of objects and scenes, said Orbbec. Similar in principle of how ultrasound uses sound waves to create an image, ToF uses light to measure shapes, movement, and position of static or moving objects with pinpoint accuracy and at greater distances than previously available in the market.

Product Specification

Range0.2 – 5m
Dimensions98.3mm x 65.5mm x 21mm
Depth Resolution Framerate640×480@30FPS
RGB Resolution FramerateUp to 1920×1080@30FPS
Depth FOVH64.6°, V50.8, D78°
RGB FOVH86.2°, V55.2°, D94.2°
Data TransferUSB 3.0 Type-C
Weight200g +/- 5g
Operating SystemsAndroid / Linux / Windows
Power InputUSB Type-C
Power ConsumptionAverage 5.8W; Peak 9.3W
SDK Orbbec SDK
SynchronizationInternal & external Sync


Orbbec Femto Datasheet

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