Orbbec MS500


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Orbbec MS500 is a 2D light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor launched by Orbbec Technology. The LiDAR uses innovative direct Time of Flight (dToF) ranging technology. The LiDAR comprises a precise rotating-mirror optical scanning system and a high-frequency laser pulse transmitter.

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Application scenarios

Function Display

270° field of view

Rotating lens optical scanning system, combined with high-frequency laser pulse generation technology and precise optical-mechanical structure design, through the high-speed mirror surface, it can be within the range of 270 degrees >= 30 meters (@90% reflectance diffuse reflection surface) Realize fast and accurate scanning measurement.

High angular resolution

Up to 30KHz dot frequency, minimum 0.12° angular resolution; smaller angular resolution provides more scene details, enhances resolution performance, and realizes fast and accurate mapping.


Measurement range10m@10% reflectivity, 30m@90% reflectivity
Accuracytyp. +/-20mm
Precisiontyp. 10mm
Measurement frequency30kHz
Rotation frequency10Hz/ 15Hz/ 20Hz/25Hz/30Hz
Scanning angle270°
Angular resolution0.12°/ 0.18°/ 0.24°/0.30°/0.36°
Ambient light limit50,000 lux
Emission pitch angle0° +/- 1°
Laser wave length903nm
Laser classClass 1, IEC 60825-1:2014
Operating voltageDC 9V ~ 28V, default 12V
Interface type100Mbps RJ45 Ethernet connector
Degree of protectionIP65, GB/T 4807-2017
EMCIEC 61000-6-1:2019; IEC 61000-6-3:2021
ESDCD+/- 8kV, AD+/-15kV, GB/T 17626.2-2018
Anti-vibrationGB/T 2423.10-2019; GB/T 28046.3-2011/
Anti-shockGB/T 2423.5-2019
Ambient operation temperature-10 ~ 55°c
Storage temperature-20 ~ 70°c
Weight~ 270g
Dimensions60*60*85 (L x W x H, mm)
CertificationCE-EMC/FCC/RoHS2.0, Class1, FDA registration

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