Orbbec Sync Hub Pro


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Sync Hub Pro
Sync Hub Professional version, star1-8, RJ45 port, supports Femto Mega, Gemini 2 / 2L

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Orbbec Sync Hub Pro

  • Compact, mountable enclosure.
  • Ingenuous use of industry standard RJ45 interfaces and CAT5 or better cables.
  • Supports One Primary and up to Eight Secondary devices in Star format, extensible by connecting additional hubs.
  • Switchable voltages when used with USB-C power supply.
  • Multi-Camera Sync Hub Pro Set comes with 1 x Multi-Camera Sync Hub Pro + 2 x Orbbec Sync Adaptor for Femto Mega/Bolt


OrbbecOrbbec Sync Hub Pro Sync Hub Datasheet

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