Osela Random Pattern Projector Laser (RPP)

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At Osela we provide many different focusing options giving you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your application. The RPP laser is focusable by the user without removing the RPP optic.

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Highlights at a glance:

  • Industrial design
  • Standard or eye safe version
  • Etched in glass diffractive optic
  • Externally focusable
  • Up to 2 year warranty
OPTICALTotal power in the “0” order5%0.5%
Pattern uniformity (except “0” order)< 35%
Bore sight (mrad)< 3 mrad
Wavelength Driftapprox 0.25 nm/ degC
 Pointing Stability< 6 μrad/°C
MODULATION Rise/Fall time (usec) <5
 Depth (%) 100
 Input Impedance (Kohm) >10
 Intensity Modulation Linear (≈0.5-4VDC), OPTION: TTL
ELECTRICAL/ENVIRONMENTAL Protections (Built in) ESD, Over voltage (up to 25 VDC), Over-temp Shutoff (>45 deg C)
 Warm up time < 2 minute
 Long term Power stability (8 hours) <+/- 3 %
 Operating Voltage 5± 0.5V (4.5 to 30V with 24V option)
 Operating Current <250mA, depending on diode
 Working Temp Range -10 to +48 °C
 Weight <0.25 Kg
 Power Supply Cable Belden PN: 9533, 18 inches with flying leads
 Warranty Up to 2 year

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