Osela Telecentric Laser (TLP)

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Telecentric Laser Projector (TLP) provides parallel non angular laser line illumination as opposed to conventional lasers lines that projects a diverging fan.

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Highlights at a glance:

  • Constant thickness over entire line length
  • Collimated line length
  • Reduced image occlusion
 Bore sight (mrad) < 3 mrad
¬†Wavelength Drift¬†‚Čą 0.25 nm/ degC
¬†Pointing Stability¬†< 6 őľrad/¬įC
¬†Modulation Rise/Fall time¬†< 5őľ sec, 100% modulation depth (10 Kohm input impedance)
 Protections (Built in) ESD, Over voltage (up to 30 VDC), Over-temp Shutoff (> 50 deg C)
 Long term Power stability (8 hours) < 3 %, 2 minute warm up time
¬†Operating Voltage¬†5 ¬Ī 0.5VDC, 4.5 to 30V Optional (9-30V for < 635 nm)
¬†Working Temp Range¬†-10 to to +50 ¬įC (housing)
 Weight  < 1500 g
 Power Supply Cable 18 inches 3 conductors Belden 9533, with flying leads
 ESD Protection Level 4
Shock Tolerance30g, 6ms, functional

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