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Osela, deriving from the word OSEL, means light in Tibetan. The company has a strong focus in laser illumination systems for industrial applications in machine vision, industrial inspection and instrumentation. Our highly skilled team, with many years of industry experience, has the photonics expertise needed to assist customers in the development of optically intensive applications.

With Optical expertise, standard laser and optical platforms and a flexible manufacturing environment, we are fully equipped to provide our customers solutions to their needs.


Osela is a specialized manufacturer of laser illumination systems and structured lighting for industrial machine vision applications requiring precision laser beam shaping as well as research and development projects around the world.

Our experienced and skilled staff, knowledgeable in the area of lasers and beam shaping optics, allow us to continually innovate our product portfolio as well as offer customized solutions to our clients.

With applications ranging from 3D Machine Vision to Biomedical and innovative research projects, our capabilities include:

  • Uniform Single Laser Line
  • Multiple Laser Lines
  • Random Pattern Projection
  • Customized Patterns
  • Tophat Beam Shaping
  • Telecentric Projection

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