Photoneo Anypick Software

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Photoneo Anypick is a complete AI-based Bin Picking Solution for picking mixed objects of any shape or size from 1×1 cm, targeting industrial sectors such as e-commerce, logistics and food handling.

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With “we can pick anything” as its slogan, the machine learning solution is able to pick objects of irregular shapes – any shape and sizes.

Industrial Bin Picking Solution for Objects of Irregular Shapes

Warehouses/ e-commerce


Objects of irregular shape


Food Handling

The machine learning solution equipped with the AI-based object recognition and object localization allows picking of mixed objects from 1x1cm with no computer-aided design models required for it with easy integration.

Objects may be overlapped in the bin at any orientation and position. With customizable weight limit and a high speed and fast cycle time allowing up to 500 picks per hour, the software is integrated with an award-winning 3D vision.


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